Lina's Commission Info
Above are my current prices. Mind you, those are base prices - the final cost of a commission will be decided on a case-by-case basis, based on the complexity of the piece or number of elements included.

Additional characters: price will be calculated based on how much of the character we can see. Something like a disembodied limb I wouldn't even add to the total. If we can see most of a character, it would cost half the base price.

Props: Simple props are free. Complex props will cost extra. Something like a car would cost about as much as an extra character. A weapon would be free unless it's very detailed.

Background: Abstract backgrounds come with no additional cost. Any background that requires the character(s) to be placed in a scene would cost extra, starting at $50 and going up with complexity.

Shading Options: In addition to the standard "hard" shading, I can also offer "soft" shading, or painting-style rendering. These cost extra.

Pixel Art: I can also make pixel art, animated or otherwise. There is base price for those; contact me for details.
Will draw/won't draw: effectively, I am up to drawing anything so long as it's not illegal or something that makes me personally uncomfortable (and I have a pretty high tolerance for sensitive content). But to be extremely clear: absolutely no kind of hate speech (I mean come on, this should be obvious) or sexual content that is nonconsensual or involves minors or family members. I still reserve the right to refuse a commission if I find it squeaky.
Furries are ok, mecha is ok, NSFW is ok (if you need examples of that, look here). Portraits of yourself or your pet based on a photo are also okay, but will probably cost more than the base price.

Process: Once we have worked out the contents of the commission and the price has been agreed to, I will send an invoice of the total, which is to be paid up-front. Once payment is processed, I will start working on your piece within 24 business hours. I'll send you work-in-progress images at every step of the process, at which point you can request changes (it's easier to fix mistakes if you catch them earlier ion the process). Once the picture is finished I'll send it to you and wait for approval before posting it in social media. You may request that the picture be made private, or that your name not be included in the post.

Terms of use: You can do whatever you want with the piece: use it as an icon, banner, desktop background, put it in your music video, use it in a game, whatever. However, I retain the copyright to the image (unless you'd like to work out some different terms, in which case I will probably charge extra). I absolutely refuse to take on any commissions that are for NFT or AI art purposes. You are strictly forbidden from feeding my art into an AI learning database.

Contact: You can send me an ask on tumblr, a direct message on twitter, add me on discord (rabbitlegs#7086) or e-mail with "commission" in the subject line.

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